About us

There is something for everyone within Rotary. With over

50,000 members in the UK we are a diverse and flexible

group of people who work in a variety of ways to support

our communities.

Being part of Rotary is more than just giving back to the

community. It is also about you bringing your skills,

experience and enthusiasm to help it thrive, whilst making

some great friends along the way.

If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch and

we’d love to meet you. We encourage all prospective

members to come along to some meetings and events to

find out more.

Our members are from all different backgrounds and

joined Rotary for different reasons. So our events reflect

our diversity, with activities including volunteering, fund

raising, international and social events, so there’s bound

to be something for you.

We recognise member’s work and have family

commitments so we don’t expect members to get to every

meeting but we do encourage members to get along to

our Business Meeting on the 3rd Thursday in the month.

This meeting is where we update on project or events,

make plans and decisions so is an important meeting.

Just ordinary people ……

As a vibrant, enthusiastic

Rotary Club we are always

on the look out for new

members who want to

make a difference in their

local communities.

So why not come and

join us?

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2019 © All Rights Reserved - Oswestry Cambrian Rotary

About us

There Is Something For Everyone Within Rotary. With Over 50,000 Members In The Uk We Are A Diverse And Flexible Group Of People Who Work In A Variety Of Ways To Support Our Communities. Being Part Of Rotary Is More Than Just Giving Back To The Community. It Is Also About You Bringing Your Skills, Experience And Enthusiasm To Help It Thrive, Whilst Making Some Great Friends Along The Way. If You’re Interested In Getting Involved, Get In Touch And We’d Love To Meet You. We Encourage All Prospective Members To Come Along To Some Meetings And Events To Find Out More. Our Members Are From All Different Backgrounds And Joined Rotary For Different Reasons. So Our Events Reflect Our Diversity, With Activities Including Volunteering, Fund Raising, International And Social Events, So There’s Bound To Be Something For You. We Recognise Member’s Work And Have Family Commitments So We Don’t Expect Members To Get To Every Meeting But We Do Encourage Members To Get Along To Our Business Meeting On The 3rd Thursday In The Month. This Meeting Is Where We Update On Project Or Events, Make Plans And Decisions So Is An Important Meeting.
As A Vibrant, Enthusiastic Rotary Club We Are Always On The Look Out For New Members Who Want To Make A Difference In Their Local Communities. So Why Not Come And Join Us?
Just ordinary people ……