We're for Communities

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We’re for Communities


We're for communities

It’s often said that society works better when communities work together. From food banks to flood relief, marathons to music festivals, Rotary is always making a difference in our communities. The opportunities with Rotary are endless…….

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An Oswestry Cambrian Rotary         Club community project

We have taken on the local community volunteers known as the Osyteers to really give our community a “helping hand” doing practical things for the residents.

This is our ongoing community project for the elderly and vulnerable in Oswestry

Osyteers - Community Project Heart Start "Save a Life" session

Heart Start “Save a Life”

Bra Banks

Bra Banks

Orthopaedic Hospital Roundabout

Roundabout Project

Cemetery Wheelchair pushing Service

Key Safes Cemetery wheelchair service

Key safe fitting

Cambrian’s other community projects