Oswestry Cambrian


Orthopaedic Hospital Roundabout

This is the main entrance to the Orthopaedic Hospital before we adopted it

This is our new project - the adoption of the very untidy roundabout outside the main entrance to the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH)

Stage 1 completed thanks to the great help by Guy Wilkinson and his mini digger of WGW Builders in Oswestry.

Cambrian Rotarians planted over 380 purple crocuses prior to laying the turf ready for next spring. Thanks Wilco in Oswestry for the discount.

The purple crocus is the symbol for Rotary’s 25 year “End Polio Now” programme to rid the world of Polio.

Next we put the weed mating down in the outer ring and fill with white stone chipping's.

We are grateful to Gordon Jones, Branch Manager at Travis Perkins (Oswestry) for the supply at cost of the materials to enable us to complete the project with as little cost as possible to the hospital in these difficult financial times for the NHS.

See video


This is the crocus display as of 17 March ‘17 with a few of the Daffodils popping up as well.

Car park

We have hard landscaped the islands in the car park to make them maintenance free and tidy up the area from the previous weedy and unsightly areas

Crutches and Zimmer Frame recovery scheme

Did you know that:

• Hundreds of crutches and Zimmer Frames are never returned.

• Replacing the walking aids costs the hospital on average £25,000 each year.

• We could use this money to employ more staff or improve our facilities.

• As well as costing money, the failure to return these items can cause delays in making them available to others.

• A lot of these crutches end up in landfill or charity shops without anyone checking they are clean and safe to use.

Our club has offered to collect this equipment from people that cannot return it personally within a 15mile radius of Oswestry and return to the hospital.