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Zombie Walk

Fun for adults, kids and families

What Is It?

The Zombie Walk muster at Festival Square at the junction with Church Street and Smithfield Street in Oswestry. Participants will follow a designated route along Church Street to the junction with Cross Street and will be acting the part of blood hungry zombies. Meet at the designated spot at 6pm dressed in your zombie make-up and costume. The walk will begin at 6.30pm.

In order to participate in the Oswestry Zombie Walk, we ask that you follow a few rules to help us all get along.

Zombie Walk Rules

The event is all-ages, but be mindful that there will be a lot of blood and gore, so the event may not be appropriate for some small children. Zombie pets are welcome as well.

Don’t be an ass

Treat all participants, organisers, and onlookers with friendliness and respect.

Follow our directions

If any of our Zombie Marshals ask you to do anything, please do it. We’re working hard to ensure everybody’s safety.

No touching

Please avoid leaving fake blood on vehicles, shop fronts, street furniture and spectators. Make sure to give everyone (zombies and spectators) plenty of space.

No weapons

Do not bring guns of any kind. NERF gun? No. Water pistol? Nope. Replica rifle? DEFINITELY NO!

No realistic weapons

If you’ve made a prop weapon that looks like the real deal, we may ask you to put it away or leave the walk. We can’t have anybody worrying for their safety…….

Zombie Rules

Please use the designated “Blood Zone” at Festival Square for applying fake blood and other messy costume components just prior to the event.

Please stay on the designated route. Please do not touch buildings, vehicles and private property if your costume is messy, dripping blood, etc

The rules……

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