Sunday 4th August 2024

The Rotary Club of Oswestry Cambrian in conjunction with The Movement Centre is organising a sponsored walk around Oswestry. There will be a £10 entry fee payable on registration. We will provide a detailed walk description and cakes and refills of water halfway round. All the sponsorship money will go The Movement Centre.

St Oswald

Oswald was King of Northumbria from 634 until his death, and is venerated as a saint, of whom there was a particular cult in the Middle Ages.

Oswald was killed in the Battle of Maserfield while fighting the forces of Penda of Mercia on 5th August 641/642, and that date is now remembered ats ST Oswald's feast Day.

The name Oswestry is thought to be a corruption of 'Oswald's Tree' and the legend that Oswald the Christian King of Northumbria fought a great battle against the pagan King of Mercia - Penda. Oswald was defeated and killed in the battle. Penda - as a warning to others who might challenge his rule - dismembered Oswald's body and hung his limbs on the branches of a tree - hence the name 'Oswalds Tree'.

Oswalds Trail

The walk follows Oswald’s Trail. This a complete circuit of Oswestry (12.6 miles) taking in many of the important historical points of interest along the way.

Oswald’s Trail was conceived by the Oswestry Group of the Ramblers as a permanent mark of the group having been in existence for 40 years (2013), with the support and help of The Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust, The Ramblers and Shropshire Council.

Rotary and The Movement Centre

The Rotary Club of Oswestry Cambrian is proud to support The Movement Centre. We have made donations to them from the money raised by Santa in previous years , and this event continues our close relationship with them. All sponsorship money will go tot The Movement Centre.

For more information about The Movement centre:

The Movement Centre

The Movement Centre is a UK charity and specialist treatment centre. It is dedicated to supporting children and their families living with movement difficulties. It provides a specialist children’s physiotherapy called Targeted Training Therapy to help children gain movement control

They have a committed team who work closely with families. Targeted Training therapy can enable children to develop new skills and become far more independent. This can have a huge impact on their life. It can also make a big difference to the lives of their family and friends.